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Financial Accounting


Accounts and Finance

Learn Accounts and Finance for accounting professionals. Topics range from Basic Accountancy, Accountany Rules, Basic Accounting Terms to Accounting Concepts, AP, AR Process and Accounting with Taxes. In finance, we start with passing book closure and routine entries to Balance Sheet Finalisation , Preparing Projections and Ratio AnalysisLearn More

Step 1 Basic of Accounts -Debits and Credits

Procedure Of Accounting In Companies

Rules For Debit Credit

Understanding Profit and loss Accounts

Understanding Direct Indirect Expenses and income

Step 2 Passing Routine Entries

Expense Entries

Asset Purchase

Sales Entries

Loan Entries

Fixed Deposit and Interest Entries

Import of Goods Entries

Step 3 Passing Book Closure Entries

Prepaid Entries

Accrured Expense Entries

Accrued Income Entries

Depreciation Entries

Provision for Bad and Doubtful Debts

Provision for Tax

Fixed Asset Profit and Loss on Sale Entry

Step 4 Balance Sheet Finalization Procedure

Things To Be Checked

Reconciliation Procedure

Depreciation Computation

Tax And Deferred Taxed Computation

Exporting Data in Excel

Revised Schedule III Balance Sheet

Step 5 Preparing Projections and Budgets


Making Projected P&L

Making Projected Balance Sheets

Loan Chart

Depreciation Chart

Step 6 Fund Flow and Cash Flow

Fund Flow Statement

Cash Flow Statement

Cash Flow Statement as Per AS-3

Step 7 Ratio Analysis

Profitability Ratio

Balance Sheet Ratios

Mixed Ratios

Ratios For Loan Purpose

AP and AR Process

AP Process (P2P Process)

AR Process (O2R Process)

Cash Handling and Reconcilation Process

Accounts with Taxes

GST Accounting


TCS Accounting

GST with TDS Accounting

PAYROLL Accounting

Income Tax Accounting

Vat CST Accounting

Service Tax Accounting

Excise Accounting

TDS with Service Tax

Accounts Theory

Basics Accounts Theory

Accounting Concept

Accounting Standards

Important Accounting Terms

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